Tenstreet Pulse Match: A Love Story

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You and I are no strangers to the truism “love comes from the most unexpected places.”

For Dana Rodriguez of Nationwide Express, based out of Shelbyville, TN, she felt it was a hopeless dream. Who could blame her? Six months of seeking, $5,000 in ad dollars, and still no luck for her in the Redding, PA area. After tirelessly putting herself out there on countless leading job-platforms, she was ready to call it quits. But in one last brave effort..

She looked to Tenstreet to be her Cupid

After perusing down the aisles of our digital Job Store full of quality leads and IntelliApps, we helped Dana create a Company Profile and Active Jobs (or wish-list) to describe what she was seeking in a driver – such as geo-location, type of experience, age, endorsement, and so on.

And just like that..

Nationwide Express was now visible on Tenstreet’s groundbreaking, matchmaking, one-for-one service, Pulse Match. Just like e-Harmony and Match.com help people personally, Tenstreet helped Dana professionally, giving her one more shot at finding the driver she most desired.

Given her previous flops on other platforms, Dana understandably wanted to first test the waters. So she started with a modest budget of $90.

What this means:

When any driver matched her wish-list, Tenstreet pushed Nationwide Express to the top of Driver Pulse, indicating a highly-compatible match for that driver, and encouraging that driver to apply.

And here’s where it gets good:

Dana’s first match (yes, you heard that right!) resulted in a full-time hire. This was a driver she had searched for high and low, across the seven seas, since August of 2016. And just one day after creating her profile and wish list, Tenstreet was able to connect her with a qualified driver that resulted in a full-time hire. Now how is that for touchy-feely?

These are the unexpected love stories that we love to hear at Tenstreet, ones that we aspire to make frequent and familiar, and we are grateful for clients like Dana for putting their trust in us. While results may vary by region and market, we absolutely encourage you to try out Pulse Match. You never know when love will be in the air for you!

I am intrigued. What other statistics can you provide on Pulse Match?

As compelling as Dana’s success story was, you are probably wondering how this is all possible. Simply put, Pulse Match leverages the network effect we created through Driver Pulse. As of today, we have over 1.2 million downloads inception-to-date and 92,000 active monthly users. Last month, there was an estimated total of 145,000 drivers actively seeking driver employment. This translates to nearly 2 out of 3 drivers in the market that were active were on Driver Pulse!

How was Pulse Match born?

We are perpetually asked by companies if we have a database of drivers that we offer, a repository of resumes that their recruiters can search through. Each time our answer is “absolutely, not”, nor will it change in the foreseeable future. We value and protect drivers’ information to the fullest extent – and have robust security controls in place to safeguard their sensitive personal data.

While we understand the desire for the aforementioned type of avenue, we have taken a different approach in this arena.

From a driver’s position, imagine receiving 10+ calls a day from recruiters offering you a job you are not interested in due to location, route, pay and/or other reasons. Not only is it disruptive, but drivers do not have the time to field these calls while on routes, particularly with strict no-cell phone policies.

On the flip-side, from a recruiter’s position, it is just as discouraging to make 100+ calls only to discover that only a few of those leads meet their minimum hiring standards, and/or are even looking for employment. A recruiter’s time should be spent on actually processing completed applications!

And so thus, Pulse Match was born – as a direct response to these challenges, and to carrier needs. With this approach, we eliminate the friction from both sides, including time wasted on non-interested/qualified drivers, while giving you a higher return on your ad dollars.

Why is Pulse Match more valuable than other sources?

Pulse Match’s value is driven by the exceptional capability to target candidates that meet your hiring qualifications. Rather than spending your resources (time and funds) going after a vast pool of drivers, you can segment the driver population and get in front of only those drivers who are compatible with your needs. And you’re getting quality IntelliApps every time!

Is there a minimum spend or time commitment?

There is no minimum spend, and no time commitment. You provide us with a budget, and we will attempt to source as many driver IntelliApps based on the mutually agreed-upon rate. In the event there is a shortfall, you are only charged for the number of applications received. Total win.

What kind of driver information should I expect?

We use a blended rate, regardless if you receive a completed or partial IntelliApp. We consciously made this decision as the applications received through this mechanism are extremely targeted profiles. For example, if you receive a partial IntelliApp – it does not mean the driver was not qualified (remember this is a targeted profile), it simply means the driver may have been interrupted because he/she ran out of time on his/her break, but was proactive enough to at least start the application process. And just for further detail and reassurance, this should help – based on the last twelve months of historical data, the distribution has been 92% completed applications and only 8% partial applications.

How can I join Pulse Match?

Do what Dana did! Visit the Job Store (under your Manage tab), and let love find you! Simply complete your company profile and wish list, set a budget, and voila!

The floodgates of love will have thus been opened.

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