The Power of a Pulse Message

The driver recruiting landscape has seen massive changes since the spread of COVID-19 in the United States. Application volumes since mid-March are down 15-20% in both experienced and student drivers, making an already present driver shortage more acute for carriers of every size. Now more than ever, recruiting departments are competing against other carriers for […]

A Driver’s Window Into Recruiting: Checklists Within Pulse

For drivers, applying to a position at a new carrier can feel like looking at a two-way mirror; the carrier can see everything about you, but you have no idea how the recruiting process is going on their end. Are they still reviewing candidates and still haven’t gotten to your application yet? Did they forget […]

A Driver’s Story

You’re a driver. The road is your home. When you leave, you’re not sure when you’ll be back again. Your dispatcher is one of your only points of contact while you’re on a route, and you’re pretty sure he has it out for you. You never get enough home time, and on top of all […]

Tenstreet Pulse Match: A Love Story

For Dana Rodriguez of Nationwide Express, her search for the perfect match seemed like a lost dream. After six months of searching and $5,000 in ads, she still wasn’t finding who she needed in the Redding, PA area. She was ready to call it quits. Then Dana discovered Tenstreet’s matching service After learning about the service […]

How to Get Free Driver Applications For Christmas

Everybody in America is already getting at least one big, beautiful Christmas present, thanks to Trump’s new tax reform plan. But why stop there? You can actually get even more big, beautiful Christmas presents, with the added bonus of freeing up some money in your advertising budget. So, how do you spend less and recruit […]

Background Reports Can Now Be Shared with Drivers

If you’re like most recruiters, having a conversation with a prospective driver about the results of their background reports is not your idea of a good time – especially when you think it contains something about which the driver may not be aware. Nobody wants to be the bearer of bad or unexpected news. To […]

Driver Pulse Carrier Search is Here!

You’ve been asking about Pulse, and we’ve been listening. Now you can search over 1,000 carriers in the Pulse app, view their open jobs, and apply in just a few taps. 1-2-3 Apply 1. Click on the menu and select ‘Carriers’ 2. You’ll be taken to the Search screen – simply enter the name of the Carrier […]

Driver Pulse Invite & the Tragedy of the Commons

“clients who participated in our test program saw that 2% conversion rate quadruple” Last fall, Tenstreet conducted an experiment aimed at helping our clients obtain more value from their job board leads by automatically inviting candidates to take the next step and complete an IntelliApp. We ran this pilot program with a handful of Tenstreet […]

Driver Pulse Profiles + Job Postings

Steady Improvement & Integrated System One of the mainstays of our business philosophy at Tenstreet is constantly striving to improve our services for our customers, whether that means making big innovative leaps or steady incremental changes to better our existing products and services. Another deeply held belief for us at Tenstreet, is that ‘loosely coupled’ […]

The New Driver Pulse App by Tenstreet

In light of the driver shortage, carriers need to stay connected with candidates more than ever.  75% of candidates apply to more than one carrier. The drivers need to keep track of the progress of multiple applications and are often left uncertain of details and next steps. That’s why we created Driver Pulse. It helps carriers […]