How to Get Free Driver Applications For Christmas

Everybody in America is already getting at least one big, beautiful Christmas present, thanks to Trump’s new tax reform plan. But why stop there? You can actually get even more big, beautiful Christmas presents, with the added bonus of freeing up some money in your advertising budget. So, how do you spend less and recruit more?

You post for free in Job Store.

This isn’t one of those Black Friday specials that somehow extends across all of December – tricking everybody into believing we’re living out one, endless Friday full of doorbusters. No sir, posting free ads in Job Store is truly an everyday special that will be here, well, every day. In addition to Driver Pulse, we have three amazing job boards who would love to post your jobs on their site for free. These job boards put your company and your open positions (or Active Jobs, as we like to call them) in front of hundreds of millions of eligible drivers – while you sit back and browse Amazon for another big, beautiful Christmas present.
  1. Indeed Our integration with Indeed gets your job posts in front of 200 million unique job seekers each month. Indeed refers to these free postings as ‘organic’, and they appear in free searches across their site. In order to create an organic posting with Indeed, be sure your post follows these rules:
  • Must be a company driver or owner operator opportunity
  • Must have at least one state specified
  • Job titles must describe the actual position (e.g. “Class A Flatbed Driver”, “Company Driver”)
  • Job titles must not include any punctuation marks or a ‘$’
  1. Glassdoor Helping employers advertise their open jobs to their highly-engaged candidates – typically people who do a lot of company research before they apply for a job – Glassdoor is the happy home to nearly 40 million unique visitors each month.
  2. ZipRecruiter Rated #1 as the top job search app on Android and iOS (with over 7 million active job seekers a month), ZipRecruiter also helps find you drivers with their 40 million job-alert email subscribers.
  3. Driver Pulse Quickly moving up the ranks in our clients preferred distribution list is the Driver Pulse App. Available to all of our clients for FREE, this app offers the ability for carriers and driver to connect like never before. Reach over 85,000+ active users each and every month.Some of functionality within the app includes: 
    • Full Free IntelliApps
    • Messaging
    • Background Reports Sharing
    • Driver Referrals
    • Documents & Signatures
    • And more…
    Clients can maximize results by enlisting the help of our Pulse Match service, to help get more personalized and targeted applications from drivers who better fit their needs, at a very low cost per application.
Because they’re all free, posting your open positions on these job boards just makes a ton of sense. All the money you save can be either reallocated to spend on any of our other driver-favored job boards in Job Store – or, you guessed it – can be spent on big, beautiful Christmas presents. So post your positions out for free with Indeed, Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter, and of course Pulse Match today. We’re always just an email – [email protected] – or phone call – 877-219-9283 – away should you have any questions.    

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