Mobile-first IntelliApp Optimized for Driver Experience

In June of 2018, we wrote two devotional blogs to our beloved IntelliApp, the DOT-compliant, online application that over 80% of drivers (that’s over 3.8M drivers at the time this blog was published) have interacted with during the course of their driving career. Considering that this number grew by 200,000 drivers in 11 weeks (that’s […]

Why Tenstreet for Your Mobile & Texting Strategy?

A Streamlined Process When it comes to finding qualified candidates, it’s important to stay on top of new technologies and texting is a recruitment strategy that’s on the rise with carriers across the country — about 60% of recruiters are already using texts to communicate with their candidates. When it comes to integrating new techniques […]

How Important is Mobile to Your Recruiting Success?

We confess: Years ago, our signature software barely worked on mobile, but we learned how important mobile access is to drivers and we upgraded our platform to be mobile-friendly. From the very first day, the percentage of IntelliApps submitted on mobile devices jumped from 0% to 13%. It has continued to increase daily, from 13% to a whopping […]