5 Tips To Improve Truck Driver Retention

Truck driver retention is constantly on the minds of many trucking carrier executives. Outside factors like the economy, the current COVID pandemic and driver availability will impact the truck driver turnover rate and a carrier’s ability to retain drivers. Still, there are a number of factors within your control as well. While driver pay is […]

Are You Meeting Driver Expectations?

When you hire a promising new driver, it’s natural to have sky-high expectations: they’ll excel at the company immediately, they won’t cause issues, and they’ll be contributing to your business meaningfully for years to come.  But rarely are the results so blue and cloudless. According to a recent study by Stay Metrics that followed newly […]

Retention: Where to Begin

If you’re like most companies, you probably know how important retention is… but have no idea how to start improving it. It’s expensive not to care about how long your drivers stick around, but if you don’t have an existing driver satisfaction framework in place, how can you shift your business toward a focus on […]

The Most Expensive Recruiting Mistake You Can Make

Recruiting a new driver requires a huge investment. It takes time to create job postings and onboard new drivers. It takes energy to screen candidates and collect verifications of past employment. It takes resources to conduct drug tests and build driver qualification files for each new hire. And every step of each process takes money, […]