Simple, Fast & Free Verifications

Out with the Old

Historically, Recruiting in the trucking industry has involved a jumbled process of faxing, phone calls, and paperwork. Reports show that for every 100 applicants, carriers only end up hiring 2 to 3 of those candidates. This process is slow and problematic, information and files are often lost or misplaced. Carriers spend more time standing over fax machines trying to send verification forms, than actually hiring qualified drivers.

Digital Fax Management

Xchange was created to eliminate the traditional time-intensive process associated with the manual creation of fax cover sheets, manual faxing of employment requests, and research into paper files to determine a driver’s application status. We’ve replaced your old fax machine with an electronic fax server that is integrated with the application data housed in the Tenstreet applicant tracking system. This enables you to quickly and effortlessly generate faxes to former employers to verify employment.

“…for every 100 applicants, carriers only end up hiring 2 to 3 of those candidates.”

Minutes vs. Weeks

Instead of waiting weeks to months on former employer’s verification forms, you can easily request, send, and receive documents in a matter of minutes. Our tracking system enables you to manage digitally signed releases with an automated re-send feature. When needed, Xchange reports gaps, accidents, inconsistencies, and automatically calculates the experience of an application. It also streamlines the verification process for recruiting and fulfills requirements for DOT compliance tracking automatically. We have created a system that puts an end to faxing and gives you more time to recruit the best drivers.


Any carrier can provide their verification via the Xchange network at no charge. Over four thousand companies have already signed up to request information. Xchange completely revolutionizes the driver employee verification process and that’s right, it’s free. Become a provider today!

Filling out forms by hand and faxing is so 1980s! With Tenstreet, I can complete verifications in just a couple of keystrokes, or even from my smartphone.”

Jesse Hauskins, Recruiter at ZIPP Express & Logistics