7 Reasons to Use the IntelliApp For Your Non-DOT Apps

Tenstreet has helped thousands of carriers to streamline their hiring of truck drivers with our groundbreaking application technology. The IntelliApp saves drivers’ data, helping cut application time for busy drivers from hours to minutes while offering carriers a range of features that let them identify their highest-quality applicants, follow up quickly, and complete other pre-hire […]

3 Free & Easy Ways to Automate Hiring in Tenstreet

Do you associate the word automation with a time-intensive setup, a complex implementation, and expensive maintenance? Do you see it as a nice-to-have – one just a little too abstract to ever make it on your priority list? Do you justify mindlessly repeating tedious process steps with the conviction that you’re saving the world from […]

New Controls & Automation Help You Do More with Less

The month following our annual user conference is always a flurry of activity as we prepare to roll-out all of the exciting enhancements we announced in Vegas at our annual user conference. And this year is no different, except for the fact that it will be a solid two months of a series of releases […]

Automating Driver Engagement

Savvy carriers know that in order to recruit and retain quality drivers, driver engagement is a must. Here at Tenstreet, we have a lot of tools to automate engagement for both your prospective and current drivers (think Drip Marketing and Job Board Scrubber). Automation at the retention stage is made possible by Tenstreet’s robust Driver […]

Driver Recruiting Automation Tools & The Best Way to Use Them

At Tenstreet, we’ve helped a ton of clients realize big improvements in their operations through efficient and effective tools. We boost efficiency by doing more things with the same number of people and effectiveness by doing what gets more good drivers into orientation. Many times, we’re able to do this with our existing technology,¬†but over […]

Recruiting Automation and Apple Pie

When it comes to process improvement, automation gets a lot of attention, and for good reason. Automation can really help you take your business to the next level by keeping your processes consistent, organized, and timely, as well as by shouldering a lot of tedious work that would otherwise fall to your employees. But as […]

Recruiting Automation

Technology has come a long way in the recruiting business, and technology especially has improved immensely when it comes to interacting with computers. Long gone are the days of green screens and even the setup.exes of the past. Software is easier than ever to use, and even those with very little computer know-how can point, […]