Faster, More Personal Orientation With Tenstreet’s Mobile-First Training Library

Build a Better Orientation We know your primary goal for driver orientation is to create a meaningful onboarding experience for drivers. The overwhelming challenge of juggling tasks between communicating and collecting information, essential safety training, and interacting with drivers can be difficult to balance with the overarching objective of shortening classes to get drivers on […]

6 Tips to Optimize Onboarding

Optimizing onboarding to create a better experience for the driver is a burning issue today. StayMetrics, a company highly focused on driver retention, states that a driver’s perception of your onboarding process weighs heavily into his decision to not only join your team, but to stay with your team. Simply put, by creating a positive onboarding […]

Get Your Drivers to Orientation: Onboard Better

Finding quality drivers is a challenge for any recruiter—and after writing a compelling job post, figuring out where to put that post online, and maintaining your active posts, you’re probably ready to sit back and take a break once you’ve located the people you want driving for your company. But it isn’t enough to locate […]

Top 4 Reasons to Adopt a Mobile Onboarding Solution

Today, the average person keeps their phone within reach 22 hours a day 79% of the time, and checks it over 150 times throughout the day. With 2 out of every 3 adults now using a smartphone, and 20% using it as their primary device to access the Internet, it’s easy to see why just about every […]