Stay Metrics’ Driver Turnover & Retention Update: Q1 2021

Stay Metrics, now a part of Tenstreet, is excited to provide additional insights into trends we are seeing through our data. Each quarter, we will share updated retention and turnover data, along with insights from our team of experts. This will be featured in two ways, through our Stay Days Table and our Driver Turnover […]

Intervention Platform Bolstered By Turnover Risk Identification Functionality

Stay Metrics (acquired by Tenstreet) recently updated its existing Interventions platform, providing carriers with more opportunities to head off driver turnover. Through its onboarding surveys, Stay Metrics has been providing clients with insights into which new drivers may be at risk of leaving. In the past, this has been done by identifying drivers based on […]

The Case For Driver Rewards Programs

For years, Stay Metrics (now owned by Tenstreet) has offered a truck driver rewards program for our clients. Carriers award points to drivers. These points redeem for thousands of high-quality items, technology, housewares, travel items and more. One of the most common questions we get is, “Why rewards?” Doesn’t it make more sense to just […]

Funding Your Rewards Program: Is It Already There?

One of the most challenging aspects of setting up a rewards program at any carrier is funding it. Where does the money to invest in one of these programs come from? Let’s say you’ve read our case for a rewards program, and you are convinced. How do you find the funding in your business to […]

3 Tips For Addressing Work-Life Balance For Drivers

One of the key components of many of Stay Metrics’ (acquired by Tenstreet) retention product offerings is the ability to see how you are doing compared to aggregated client data from our database, on a variety of survey questions asked of drivers. These “Community Ranks” are broken down into quintiles that divide carriers into five […]

5 Tips To Improve Truck Driver Retention

Truck driver retention is constantly on the minds of many trucking carrier executives. Outside factors like the economy, the current COVID pandemic and driver availability will impact the truck driver turnover rate and a carrier’s ability to retain drivers. Still, there are a number of factors within your control as well. While driver pay is […]

America’s Truck Drivers: Exceptional Every Day

You spend long days on the road and often end them with a candy bar or to-go sandwich from a rest stop instead of a warm dinner around the table with your family. You miss birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and important moments with your loved ones because you’re needed on the road. You work harder to […]

The Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse: What Drivers Should Know

As a professional truck driver, you’ve probably heard some buzz about the upcoming Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse. But you might not totally be sure what it all means and how it will actually affect how you do your job. It’s important to understand this new set of regulations since it affects your ability to get […]

6 Ways Tenstreet Helps You Hire Drivers

At the start of the year, Work4Labs wrote a complimentary piece called “Hiring Drivers: 6 Tips to Kick Off 2018” that gave honorable mention to Tenstreet as a workflow solution to help you get the drivers you need. We realize we’re not currently kicking off the year of 2018, but we are kicking off the summer of […]

Top 3 Reasons People Say No to a Tenstreet Demo, Debunked

Over on the Business Development team here at Tenstreet, our primary focus is to introduce our software solutions to people who aren’t currently using them. We hear a lot of reasons why people don’t have a few minutes to talk about Tenstreet. In the blog, let’s take a moment to address the three reasons people […]