Tenstreet Q3 Market Index: Recruitment & Retention Rundown

Our roundup of industry data for Q3 indicates an especially strong rebound from the unpredictability of the pandemic years – as well as the usual seasonal signals that recruiting is headed for a holiday slowdown. Read on to learn more about what you should be prioritizing this quarter. To see enlarged versions of a chart, […]

Tenstreet Q2 Market Index: Recruitment & Retention Rundown

We’re always prepared for unexpected changes when it comes to the trucking industry – so many outside factors can affect how a carrier operates and what its finances look like. But Q2 of 2022 has been particularly unpredictable, presenting new challenges for companies trying to keep operations steady. Our roundup of industry data this quarter […]

Tenstreet Q1 Market Index: Recruitment & Retention Rundown

The transportation industry is always changing. While the pandemic appears to be waning in the U.S., new issues bring challenges to both carriers and drivers. Covid outbreaks in China, high gas prices, the war in Ukraine, and lack of equipment availability continue to introduce turbulence to trucking at large. Understanding what’s happening in the industry […]

5 Ways Smaller Fleets Can Recruit Drivers and Save Time & Money

As trucking fleets across the nation face a severe driver shortage, recruitment can be a full-time job in itself. But for many smaller fleets, overburdened owners don’t have an additional staff member to take on the time-consuming duties of finding and hiring drivers. Fleet owners often wear multiple hats, from recruitment to safety to operations […]

3 Free & Easy Ways to Automate Your Hiring Process in Tenstreet

Do you associate the word automation with a time-intensive setup, a complex implementation, and expensive maintenance? Do you see it as a nice-to-have – one just a little too abstract to ever make it on your priority list? Do you justify mindlessly repeating tedious process steps with the conviction that you’re saving the world from […]

Pulse In-App Messaging Captures Drivers’ Attention, Wins More Hires

Texting is a driver recruiter’s dream. With obvious advantages over email (e.g. a more intimate way to connect, a higher open rate, and a higher and faster response rate), text messaging has made a major shift in the way businesses communicate with us and has proved an effective strategy to get candidates hired over traditional […]

The Power of a Pulse Message

The driver recruiting landscape has seen massive changes since the spread of COVID-19 in the United States. Application volumes since mid-March are down 15-20% in both experienced and student drivers, making an already present driver shortage more acute for carriers of every size. Now more than ever, recruiting departments are competing against other carriers for […]

Hire Drivers Faster By Sharpening Your Axe

Abraham Lincoln is quoted as having said, “If I had five minutes to chop down a tree, I would spend three of those minutes sharpening my axe.” Like much great advice, it’s the kind of counter-intuitive directive that can give some of us – including busy recruiters – pause. If I’ve only got five minutes […]

7 Driver Hiring Don’ts You Should Avoid

When there’s a shortage of drivers and a bounty of empty seats to be filled, it’s natural that companies would always be looking for new ways to attract top talent away from competitors and into their own trucks. But it’s important that your business not take shortcuts in its recruiting; the wrong techniques can attract […]

Why You Need a Mobile-Friendly Application

You have one overriding goal as a recruiter – and that’s to find and hire quality drivers. If you’re watching a slow stream of drivers trickle through your hiring process, you may want to make some simple changes that will crank open the floodgates and release a heavier flow of qualified talent. First, make sure you’re […]