DOT Rules and Regulations: FMCSA Compliance for Truck Drivers

The DOT rules and regulations are an integral set of government requirements that determine the way that truck drivers can operate in the United States. Although staying ahead of DOT regulations and updates can be a challenge, it’s crucial not only to remain compliant to these standards as a company, but to ensure the well-being […]

The Case of the Stolen SSNs

Our Mystery Series continues with another crime against trucking. Read on to discover some of the biggest culprits in holding back your business and how to stop them cold. Jeanine’s stomach dropped when she walked into her office on Thursday morning and saw the drawer to her file cabinet slightly cracked. She knew she hadn’t […]

The Case of the Paper Pit

Here’s the second mystery in our series on crimes against trucking – keep reading to discover some of the biggest culprits in holding back your business and how to stop them in their tracks. The abandoned building on South Street is the reminder of the town’s once-lusty progress, a wretched emblem of what could have […]

5 Reasons to Go Paperless for Earth Day

It’s that time of year again for our planet’s favorite holiday: Earth Day! How are you going to celebrate on April 22nd? We hope you’ll plant a tree, recycle your cans and bottles, and consider making your business processes paperless. Everything from your job application to your driver management files can be made digital, allowing […]

Staying Compliant with Tenstreet’s DQF

Managing paper files is a grueling task. And as your fleet grows, any form of a paper-based filing system quickly starts to border impossible. The process will only become increasingly manual even through the use of spreadsheets – subsequent workflows and approvals will remain inconsistent; expiring or missing driver qualification files will go overlooked.  You […]

Dear Safety: Your Job Has Just Gotten Easier

We’re happy to announce the release of two powerful new additions to our line of truck driver safety services. Now along with our DQF module, which includes the Missing and Expired Documents reporting, come two new Safety services: Driver Management View Bulk Order MVRs 1. Safety Improved with A New View – Driver Management The […]

Hire Better Drivers Using PSPs

Hiring Safe, Reliable Drivers In the trucking industry, hiring safe, reliable drivers is always a number one priority. Drivers with histories of crashes and incidents that take drivers out of service are not only costly for your business, but can put lives at risk. Gaining reliable information on your candidates’ crash and inspection records can […]

Bridging the Gap Between Paper and Digital DQF

Every day we talk with carriers who know their driver record-keeping system needs an overhaul, but they are reluctant to convert to a paperless solution. They know digital record-keeping will bring them huge benefits, but they’re daunted by the difficulty of bridging the gap between their current paper files and electronic storage. Why Convert? Let’s […]