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When Bill Gates was asked about Microsoft’s accomplishments, he answered very matter-of-factly. “Our success has really been based on partnerships from the very beginning.”

While we mostly prefer Macs here at Tenstreet, we completely identify with Gates’ outlook (get it?) as it strongly resonates with one of our core values – that we are exponentially more successful when we work together than when we work alone.

While we certainly hold this true internally, we extend this belief to our partners, our vendors, and last but never least, our clients. Opening a gateway that simplifies and solves problems in our clients’ lives plays a large role in what makes us successful. So much so, that over the last 16 years, we’ve joined forces with many remarkable companies to create simple, convenient integrations for our clients.

What Can a Tenstreet Integration Do for Me?

Using these built-in connections allows you to:

  • Share information between systems efficiently (eliminating double-entry)
  • Streamline your workflow (saving time and improving productivity)
  • Reduce the chance for errors
  • Create a common interface (allowing you to do all your work in one system, instead of across many)
  • Simplify your life

In What Ways Does Can Tenstreet Integrate?

We’ve listed our most common integrations below. Keep in mind, that this list is far from comprehensive. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, it doesn’t necessarily mean the integration doesn’t exist. Additionally, we’re always interested in discussing potential integrations that may not be included here.

Background Screening

Tenstreet partners with top background screening services so you can order your CDLIS, MVR, Drug and Alcohol, PSP, Widescreen (and most any stand-alone or background screening package you currently use), directly from the Process menu in Xpress. The report(s) are returned within minutes, uploading the results to your driver’s Documents tab. We even offer the ability for you to share many of these reports digitally with your drivers through Pulse, at no additional charge, and with no additional effort on your part.


Import ELD-triggered dashcam events directly into your Safety Management dashboard, allowing you to run related processes, assign training, and use automation to reach higher levels of compliance.

Call Tracking

Origins, our analysis engine that tracks your ad spending and application attribution, integrates with popular call tracking and lead management companies, such as Marchex and CallSource. This allows you to have multiple 800 numbers advertised on various websites, job boards, trucks, and billboards. Reporting shows from which sources all your calls are coming, enabling you to make educated purchasing decisions each month based on the analysis.

Job Boards

In addition to transferring your lead application data from job boards to your AS400 (or other computer systems) through our API, you can also post your job openings on popular job boards automatically through Xpress. Using our Job Store service, when you place your open positions on job boards, we provide reporting that tracks the efficacy of your postings.
Hint: Stop spending hours chasing attribution – this integration handles all of that for you.


Tenstreet partners with many popular ad agencies – if you’re already working with one of these companies, you can leverage our marketing tools to make these partnerships even more effective.

Drug & Alcohol Testing

In addition to background screenings, Tenstreet also provides integrations with drug and physical testing providers in Pulse MD, our service which allows you to operate with an electronic chain of custody so you can test drivers before they arrive at orientation.


Your payroll processes and transportation management systems also need to integrate seamlessly to keep your organization running efficiently. Leveraging these integrations with Tenstreet’s onboarding offerings will help further streamline your efforts.


Our CSA integration provides total transparency into how your drivers are performing by pulling daily FMCSA CSA data into the Tenstreet dashboard. Features infraction –> action, a tool that identifies and assigns corrective training to drivers based on their infraction.

Travel Arrangement

Need to get your drivers to orientation? Now you can order all your Greyhound tickets directly through Xpress. Ticket confirmation and detail is automatically pushed to your drivers via the Pulse app – meaning you no longer need to worry about lost or stolen tickets, or manually tracking your orders on a separate spreadsheet. Each subject is tagged with specific travel detail allowing for detailed, built-in reporting capabilities.

Have Another Tenstreet Integration Need?

We can help! Have your IT team take a look at our API to learn more about sending and receiving data to and from your system.

Ready to get started, or interested in knowing if we integrate with a service provider you’re using that wasn’t mentioned above? Email us at [email protected] or call 877-219-9283 and we’ll be happy to answer any question(s) you may have.

Interested In Integrating with Tenstreet?

We’re always looking for new ways to help our clients. Are you interested in integrating with one of Tenstreet’s platforms? Let us know!

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    1. Hi there! Thank you for your question. We currently integrate with Workday, but are always looking to add new partners!

    1. Post

      Hi JD, thanks for the question! Mike will be reaching out to you shortly to discuss how this integration can work for you.

  1. Integration with Salesforce CRM — Assume this would be accomplished via API? Use Case is to send applicant data from CRM to TenStreet, and receive updates from TenStreet to CRM via XML as defined in your API documentation.

    1. Post

      Hi Adam, thank you for the question! We have had a lot of clients create an integration with Salesforce, and you are correct, you would accomplish this with our standard API. Alternatively, Salesforce can always provide assistance as they’ve helped other clients complete this same integration numerous times before.

  2. Good morning,

    Has Tenstreet had any success in integrating with the Workday HCM program? We currently use Workday for all of our business/HR needs. Although the Workday application works well for Non-DOT candidates, it does not work well for DOT applicants. I am curious if Tenstreet has experience integrating with Workday to create a separate DOT compliant application for drivers.

    Thank you,


    1. Post

      Hi Michael, thank you for the question – currently, we do not have an integration with Workday, but we are always open to a conversation! If you reach out to your account manager or advisor, they’d be happy to schedule a time to talk.

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