Getting Started with Drip: Nurturing Driver Relationships

A successful recruiter understands that the key to recruiting new drivers is taking the time to nurture their driver relationships. However, with a busy schedule, there’s not always time to make every phone call. Rehires are the perfect candidates for a far less expensive Drip campaign Introducing Tenstreet’s fully-automated Drip Marketing service. Drip can easily […]

Tenstreet Job Store: Your Advertising Portal

Job Store is a revolutionary way to purchase job board advertising from one digital store front inside Xpress. It works to put your Active Jobs in front of available drivers. Enter your Active Job once, and post it to multiple boards and markets in just a couple clicks. You can find a complete list of all our […]

Pulse Match: Revolutionizing How You Recruit

Getting Started with Pulse Match – An Industry Need Pulse Match was born out of a clear industry need to offer a smarter way to connect carriers with the right drivers. By reducing friction in the market, we aim to lower costs and improve the experience for both carriers and drivers, with the end goal […]

Job Board Scrubber: A Virtual Recruiter That Never Quits

Job boards are the lifeblood of most carriers and their recruiters — reliably providing the recruiting pipeline necessary for carriers to meet their next round of drivers. With sometimes thousands of leads being amassed a month, recruiters own the arduous task of toiling through these leads one by one, weeding out the non-interested drivers. Not […]

Continuation IntelliApp: A New Way to Reach Busy Drivers

Drivers are just like you – busy. Many times when they’re looking for a job they’re doing so with a full load of life on their shoulders and aren’t always able to complete an application in one sitting. That’s where Continuation IntelliApp comes in. Continuation IntelliApp notifies your recruiters of busy drivers who start an application […]

IntelliApp Statistics: A Clear Look Into Your IntelliApp Traffic

If you love visual metrics, then IntelliApp Statistics was made for you. Our IA Stats service provides visibility and transparency into the performance of your IntelliApp through the use of pie charts, bar graphs, and line graphs – allowing you to make informed decisions about your hiring process. Getting your data in such a clear […]

Origins: The Advertising Approach That Makes Sense

Advertising can be expensive. And as with most expensive purchases, advertising costs should be held accountable. In recruiting,  advertising is ideally measured by hired drivers.  But you cross a line somewhere when you say “calculating advertising cost per hire is a calculation” instead of a mixture of wishful thinking, oversimplification, and good intentions. How We Wish Advertising […]

4 Keys to Better Landing Pages & More Driver Apps

You invest a lot of time and money into driving traffic to your website. Landing pages are a key aspect to converting that web traffic into hired drivers. All of your online marketing should funnel down into a targeted and optimized landing page with a lead form conversion and eventually completed driver applications. But sadly, […]

Boost Your Landing Page Results by 20%

Leads, as you and everyone in the movie Glengarry Glen Ross know, are the most important part of recruitment, and everyone needs them. Landing Page Results Drivers, however, are often understandably reluctant to fill out a full application while they’re still learning about your company, even when the application could largely be filled in for […]

Drip Marketing: A Better Way to Reach Prospective Drivers

Modern Tools Finding qualified drivers is essential to the success of carriers today, but it can be an expensive and time-consuming process. Recruiting departments sink a large amount of money and effort into attracting candidates through traditional advertising methods, which offer minimal results and a limited ability to measure return on investment. Modernizing the tools […]